running continuously since 1979
Salt Spring Island Karate Club

For Kids

"Don't look at them, make your own mistakes!" Sensei Pat Byron throughout the years

The kids program is probably the most difficult.  The kids are expected to learn the same material as anyone else but a delicate approach must be taken.  Under 10 years old is primarily taught by Leslie Barclay Sensei.  She has been teaching kids karate since 2007.  In this class the focus is on basics, kata, exercise and having fun. 

The kids over 10 are welcome to attend the more advanced family class.  Here Chris Barclay Sensei will take everyone through regular class instruction ranging from basics, kata, sparring, one step/self defence, traditional weapons and more.  This is now a family oriented class so we encourage parents to join in and support the kids.  In terms of accomplishments, some of the parents stayed all the way to black belt so this can be a very fulfilling experience. 

For Adults

"Fundamentals are key.  You need to strive to understand fundamentals".  Chris Barclay 2010. 

The adult program runs deep.  We offer tons of material on any given night.  Even those experienced in martial arts will feel challenged in this class.  We often break into groups to help separate beginners/intermediate/advanced students.  On other nights we mix advanced students with beginners to help them advance.  This class literally has it all.  There is a huge range in terms of instruction and emphasis.  If you have ever thought about trying martial arts on Salt Spring, we are the source. 

Belt Structure

for Karate:

"The devil is in the details."  Randoph Parker

(these are minimums).

We count everyone in every class, show up and belts will follow!

(please see members area for more info).

White Belt to Yellow Belt: 35 classes

Yellow to Yellow Stripe: 25 classes

Yellow Stripe to Orange: 30 classes

Orange to Orange Stripe: 30 classes

Orange Stripe to Green: 30 classes

Green to Green Stripe: 40 classes

Green Stripe to Blue: 40 classes

Blue to Blue Stripe: 60 classes

Blue Stripe to Brown: 60 classes

Brown to Brown Stripe: 60 classes

Brown Stripe to Black: 60 classes



Getting started

"The most important class is the next one." Sensei Pat Byron.

New students are always welcome anytime of the year however the best times of the year to join are September or January. This is when many of the existing students are just returning or starting a new belt level. Please take shoes and socks off at the door before entering. When entering or leaving the training space please bring feet together and bow at the door. As a new student you will be required to fill out a registration form and a waiver form. If you're under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must fill this out for you.


No black tops please. Loose fitting clothing. What you might wear to the gym or to exercise. No shoes, no socks, bare feet. A gi or karate uniform is not required until grading for yellow belt. No watches or jewelry for your own safety.



Monday beginner kids class with Leslie Barclay Sensei 4:30pm-5pm.  Under 10 years old, white belt only.  

Monday and Thursday family class  5pm-6pm.  White belt to black belt welcome.  All ages welcome. 

Monday and Thursday adult class.  6pm-7:30pm.  White belt to black belt welcome.  Ages 12+  

Jiu Jitsu Monday and Thursday 7-8:30pm at the SSE gym. 

Kickboxing Sundays 9-10am at the Wellness Centre